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David Fagan - Financial Secretary


Dave Fagan currently serves as Financial Secretary of Local 150, and is a second-generation Operating Engineer. Dave started working as a Local 150 Operator in 1978.  He has worked in various industries including building construction, mass excavation “dirt” work, and the slag industry in northwest Indiana. Dave's father is a Gold Card Member who worked as a heavy equipment mechanic. 

In 1986, Dave became Safety Representative and Union Steward at International Mill Services (IMS) at U.S. Steel’s Gary Works.  In 1988, the members of District 7 elected him to the Election Commission.  In 1989, Bill Dugan appointed Dave to work as an Organizer.  His organizing campaigns have included industries such as mass excavation, construction company mechanic shops, asphalt plants, heavy equipment dealerships, heavy equipment rental and repair shops, railroad wrecking and construction, quarries, landfills, and various steel mill service providers.

In 2005, the officers of Local 150 unanimously elected Dave pursuant to the Union Bylaws to replace the retiring Financial Secretary. In his role as Financial Secretary, Dave has worked diligently to prevent the erosion of the wages and benefits the Union has worked so hard to establish. “We will continue to strike companies like Levy as long as they commit unfair labor practices or seek to undermine the living standards of our members,” Dave said.

Dave intends to improve the day-to-day representation of members in the field by increasing the visibility and number of business agents. He is also committed to protecting the pension and health care benefits of members and retirees like his 81-year-old father.

Dave and his wife have been foster parents and remain active in their community. Dave is serving his second term as an elected Councilman for the City of Portage.  In 1992, then-Governors Bayh and O’Bannon appointed Dave to the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board. In this capacity, Dave works with the Board to ensure that Indiana police officers understand and respect the rights of labor and teaches labor law at the police academy in northwest Indiana.

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